Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fish Biryani فش بریانی

Fish Biryani

Fish Biryani is very popular in middle east, now gaining popularity in Pakistan also. Very delicious and nutritious.


  • Fish (Surmai/Paplet)        750-1000 g
  • Basmati Rice  (soaked in water for 30 minutes)        1/2 kg
  • Oil  1 cup
  • Yoghurt   1 cup
  • Ginger  crushed  2 inch long piece
  • Lemon juice  4 tablespoon
  • Green chillies    10-15 numbers
  • Fresh coriander leaves chopped 1 bunch
  • Fresh mint leaves chopped 1/2 bunch
  • Onion  chopped   3-4 numbers
  • Garlic crushed 1 medium pod
  • Spices: Salt to taste,  Paprika 1-2 teaspoon, Haldi 1 teaspoon, Coriander crushed 1/2 teaspoon, Qasuri Methi dried 3 teaspoon ,  Cloves whole  5 nos., Black pepper whole 10 nos., Fennel whole 1/2 teaspoon, cumin seed whole 1 teaspoon, Cinnamon sticks 3-4 nos.

  • 1. Add spices , lemon juice, ginger garlic to yoghurt and make a paste then apply on fish piece, keep aside for marination.
  • 2.  Take 2 teaspoon of oil, add fresh mint and coriander in a pan and fry for 2 minutes then add 6 glass of water, soaked rice and 3 teaspoon of cooking salt. Boil till rice is near to cook. Sieve and keep aside.
  • 3. Now in another pan fry onion in oil till golden brown.
  • 4.  Then add marinated fish, green chillies to it and cook on medium flame till fish is tender ,15-20 minutes. Avoid over stirring, otherwise fish pieces can broke in pieces.
  • 5.  Now in a large pan arrange alternate layers of prepared Fish curry and boiled rice and simmer for 10-15 minutes.
  • Delicious Fish Biryani is ready.
  • Serve with salad and raita.