Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Work Out (Exercise) Duration and Frequency

Work Out (Exercise) Duration and Frequency

For a busy office executive who want to do some work out during his busy schedule.

Here are some suggestions.

Try to  join a gym rather than doing exercise at home, because most of the peoples doing exercise at home can not continue and bored in a few weeks of time. At gym you feel an enviroment of execise and get motivated to see what others are doing.

Work out duration should be in between 45-60 minutes and  3-4 days per week.

You must learn warm up, streching techniques from an expert physical trainer (PT teacher) and do not perform seeing on  other peoples. Because your physical traniner know which techniques are better for you according to your physical health.

Normally   10 minutes for warm up

                  15-20 minutes  walking + 5 minutes cool down  on tread mill

                  10 + 5 mintutes on Stationary cycle

                   10-15 minutes on various streching machines (Leg press, arm strech, chest press etc)

I found Aga Khan Sports and Rehabiltation centre is the best in Karachi, located at Aga Khan University Hospital. Timing from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm  with approx Rs 7000-8000 for  18-24 sessions depending upon your packages. These sessions can be availed within 3 month. Top Class Equipments are available here.

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