Friday, June 3, 2011

Vitamin C and Sensitive Throat

Vitamin C and Sensitive Throat

 Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid.
This vitamin helps maintain bones, and connective tissue, act as an antioxidant.
Many fruits and vegetables are rich sources of vitamin C.

The deficiency of Vitamin C results in poor healing of wounds, bleeding under the skin and from gums, scurvy

Excess of vitamin C is excreted. Excessive intakes can lead to diarrhoes.

Daily requirement of vitamin C  70-90 mg/day

Tolerable Upper Intake Limit of vitamin C  2000 mg/day

When we think vitamin C we think citrus fruits, but below tables will show that vitamin C found in large quantities in other foods. Therefore peoples with sensitive throat can choose their vitamin source from these foods.

Vitamin C content of citrus fruits 

  • Orange                  50 mg/100g
  • Lemon                   40 mg/100g
  • Grape fruit              30 mg/100g
  • Raspberry              30 mg/100g
  • Strawberry             60 mg/100g

Vitamin C content of Some fruit and vegetables
  • Red pepper               190 mg/100g
  • Guava                        100 mg/100g
  • Lychee                         70 mg/100g
  • Papaya                         60 mg/100g
  • Indian gooseberry       445 mg/100g
  • Mango                            28 mg/100g
  • Cauliflower                     40 mg/100g
  • Garlic                              30 mg/100g
  • Spinach                          30 mg/100
  • Banana                             9 mg/100g
  • Carrot                                9 mg/100g
  • water melon                     10 mg/100g
  • Melon                                 20 mg/100g
  • Potato                                20 mg/100g
  • Tomato                              10 mg/100g

 One of the richest source of vitamin C is Rose hips  (2000 mg/100g). This is available in the market in the form of syrup named Rose hip syrup.