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Herbal Remedy For Prostatitis

Herbal Remedy For Prostatitis

Most of the men after, even before, the age of 45-50, suffer an illness involving prostate. Prostate enlargement a common problem. Urination with pain and burning is a common symptom.

Urologist suggest MRI . When MRI results show enlargement of prostate gland. The following herbal formula is very useful. Pain and burning during urination will go within 3-4 hours after taking qahwah (Tea)  of this herbal medicine.

  • Melia azadidirachta   (Tukhm e Bakain, Burg e Bakain)             2 gram
  • Ocimum basilicum   (Tulsi, Barg e farang mushk, niazbo)         4 gram
  • Sphaeranthus indicus ( Gorak Mundi, Gul e Mundi)                    4 gram
  • Tephrosia puperea      (Sarphooka)                                             4gram
  •                                                                                                    _________________
  •                                                                                           12-14 gram / dose/day

How To Use
Take one cup of water, add 6-7 gm of herbs and boil on low flame for 15-20 minutes.
Cool and take before breakfast and before going to bed at night.

Duration of Treatment 
15-45 days

Further information
This is a useful herbal formula to help maintain normal function  of prostate gland and its allied activities.
Gul e Mundi is the principal ingredient of this formulation fortified with selected herbs known for their resolvent anti-inflammatory and immunostimulant properties and in most cases of prostate problems  this formulation  helps keep the system in proper health.

Where to Buy these ingredient and how to identify them
You can buy  these ingredients from any herbal medicine store and you can check wikimedia commons website and search herbal for photographs which I have uploaded there.

In India and Pakistan  Hamdard Laboratories are marketing this formulation under the name of GULMUNDENE. Packing size 120 g for 20 doses. Cost Pak Rs 80.

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