Friday, June 3, 2011

Warm Up Prior To Start An Exercise

Warm Up Prior To Start An Exercise

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Warm up is very important prior to involve in an exercise.
There are several methods to warm up your body to be ready for an exercise.

1.  15-20 minutes walk, when you walk for twenty minutes the blood circulation increases and hear beat  raises, and your body is ready for further work out.

2. Hydrotherapy, dip your body in a hydrotherapy tub for 10-15 minutes, while propeler on and temperature remain between 39-40 degree C.  Adequate amount of water intake needed for this technique  to avoid dehydration.
If you can not use the above two techniques follow the follow link to learn how you can warm up your body for an exercise. This is the best technique, no need of walk or hydrotherapy.

This is the best technique , Mr and Mrs Bronco are the best physical trainer.

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