Monday, June 6, 2011

Anal Fissure

Anal Fissure

Anal fissure is a crack or tear in the skin of anal canal.

When a person trying to pass stool ,he feels pain.  The swelling and pain are unbearable.

Hard stools

What to do
To see a general surgeon, he will examine , and recommend medications.

Medication are generally pain relieving ( Like Voltran, Kaflm , Nise) , Swelling relieving ( Like Chymoral Forte)   and Flegyl  and GTN paste 0.25%.

Duration of Treatment
Painkiller, Swelling reliefer and antibiotic are used for 2-3 days but GTN paste must be used for atlest 45 days to avoid relapse.

Surgery is also an option to correct anal fissure but if patient use GTN paste 2-3 times daily for atleast 45 days and make his/her stool soft this can be avoided.

Where to Buy and How to apply GTN Paste
Best quality GTN paste is available at Agha Khan Univesity Hospital Karachi pharmacy, however one can buy it from any pharmacy, In UK it is available under the brand name of Rectogesic.
It can be applied with the help of cotton bud in small amount, by yourself or with the help of some one other.
It is very usefull medicine , and complete cure occurred in many patients.

How To Make Your Stool Soft
Stool should be soft enough to pass easily, no watery stools are necessary only soft stool. Use any stool softener, but do not use purgative.

In Pakistan Qars e Mullian of Hamdard  (Tablets) are available, one tablet with luke warm water before going to bed is enough for soft stool at the morning. In some person 1-1/2 to 2 tablets are required.