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Weight Loss -How and How Much

Weight Loss -How and How Much

Most of the peoples wants to lose weight. But First you check  your present weight, most of the peoples are not over weight but they wants to lose weight. If your height to weight ratio is within the range there is no need to loss weight.  The thing to do for these people to maintain their healthy weight.  Do fitness exercise and eat healthy diet.

For those peoples who are under weight, they have to improve their weight by healthy eating habit and food with high energy content e.g 3-4 banana, milk low fat and egg and do some fitness exercise.

For those peoples who are over weight, they can lose their weight. But how ? Quickly or slowly ?

My answer is slowly.   1 lb(pound) or 1/2 kg per week .  But how ?  by dieting or by exercise ?  My answer is both by dieting and exercise.    But how much exercise and how much dieting.  Now I answer this question in detail.

The Ideal weight lose plane is to lose 1 lb/week.  To lose 1 lb from your body in a week you have to curtail(lose) 3500 calories in one week. Divided 3500 by 7 you will get 500. Yes You have to curtail 500 calories/day. Now divide 500 by 2 you will get 250. Yes you have to lose 250 calories by exercise and 250 calories should be curtailed from you diet/day to lose 1 lb from your body weight.

How you burn 250 calories from you workout.  Cycling (stationary) for 10+5 ( 10 minutes cycling 50-70 rpm on zero resistance) and  (5 minutes 40-45 rpm cool down) will burn 100 calories from your body.         And 20+5 minutes walk on tread mill with zero incline at speed 4.5 -5.6 (20 minutes) and at 4.5 (5 minutes cool down) will burn around 100-130 calories.  Some stretching exercises will burn 10 -20 calories.  Please note down these exercises should be learned from a qualified physical trainer or done under his/her supervision.

How you curtail calories from your diet ? Curtail in oil/fat  1 g fat provides provides 9 calories ,it means curtailing 10 g fat from your diet you can curtail 90 calories from your diet.

1 g protein(beef/Mutton/Chicken/fish/egg)  provided 4 calories, it mean curtailing 25 g from protein you will curtail 100 calories from your diet. Try to curtail from  beef and mutton.

1 g Carbohydrates(Sugar/Starch/Grains/Pulses/Bread) provides 4 calories. You can Easily curtail some this portion also.

Please...Please not try to curtail Calories from Fat and Beef and Mutton and some direct sugars. Because Protein is essential during your workout. You can read my other blogs on muxlim regarding this issue.

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