Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Post Workout Diet (Diet After Exercise)

Post Workout Diet (Diet After Exercise)

It is very important to eat after a workout.
Most of the people came to gym without any food with them.
Even peoples are not bringing water with them.

Because they are not eating nothing after exercise, they feel tiredness, weakness and fatigue after exercise .  The purpose of their exercise is to get strength but they feel fatigue. Therefore they left the exercise within few days.  The reason of this fatigue is that they get dehydrated and they consumed their energy (fuel) during exercise. Now their body demands energy for normal life.

It is very important to eat protein rich diet after exercise and also carbohydrates and water to refuel thier body within 15 minutes of workout.  If they refuel their body after exercise and drink plenty of fluid (juice and even water) during and after exercise they will not feel fatigue, tiredness and weakness after workout.  They will enjoy an execellent day after exercise.

Bananas are best choice after exercise they are rich in carbohydrate, potassium and other mineral and 2-3 bananas provide exellant calories. 3-4 sweet biscuitsor cookies you can eat if banana is not available.  Chicken nuggests are best choice of protien. Coconut water is an execellent sports drink it is low in carbohydrates and high in potassium and other minerals.

When you are not eating protein and carbohrates after your workout, the body need energy for normal functions, it starts consuming energy stored in your muscles and a person feels weakness in muscles and get tired,

Therfore it is very important to eat diet rich in protein, carbs after your work out, and drink plenty of water during and after your workout. It is also important to void your bladder when you feel, during and before start of an exercise.

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