Sunday, November 30, 2014

Food Industries in Karachi and Food Technology Students of University of Karachi

The students of Food Science and Technology and Applied Chemistry specializing in Food Technology are not well aware of the facilities provided in Food Industries of  Karachi (+Pakistan). Facilities means when they got job in any Food Industry they should know the benefits offered by those industries.  Some Industries offered handsome packages for Top Management , Middle Management and Lower Managements posts. The student should keep in their minds those benefits prior to joining any Food Industry and should asked during interview. 

Department of Applied Chemistry, University of Karachi
Department of Food Technology, University of Karachi

 Top Rated Food Companies offered the following benefits to their employee

1. Handsome salary package 
2. Company maintained Car ( for self and for family) for top management post
                                         (Car for self )Middle and lower management  post
3. Full Salary bonus (2-3/year)
4. One Month annual leaves
5. Sick and Casual leaves 18/year
6. Medical allowance self and family (full coverage)
7. Five days/ week work, Saturday -Sunday off 
8. Cell phone by Company
9.  Provident Fund and Gratuity
10. Insurance 
11. Leave fare allowance (Air Tickets + leaves allowance ) for annual leaves
12. Company maintained Residence

The above mentioned benefits are real, provided by top rated companies in Karachi for Top to Middle management posts. 

Here is a list of well known Food Industries in Karachi and other cities of Pakistan

  • National Food Limited, Karachi
  • Unilever, Karachi
  • Lipton Tea, Unilever Company, Karachi
  • Knorr, Unilever Company, Lahore
  • Nestle Doodh, Karachi-Lahore
  • Nestle Mineral Water
  • English Biscuit, Karachi
  • Dalda Foods, Karachi
  • Kolson, Karachi
  • Coca Cola , Karachi
  • Pepsi Cola, Cold Drinks, Karachi
  • Pepsi, Mineral water, Karachi
  • Pepsi, Lays, Lahore
  • Rafhan , Faisalabad-Karachi, Unilever Company
  • Olpers, Karachi-Sukkur, Sahiwal
  • Lu Biscuits, Sukkur
  • Walls Ice cream, Unilever Company, Lahore
  • K & N, Haripure
  • Shan Foods, Karachi
  • Habib Oil, Karachi
  • Bake Parlour, Karachi
  • Tapal Tea, Karachi
  • Haleeb Doodh, Lahore
  • Qarshi, Lahore
  • Fauji Cereal, Islamabad
  • Shangrella, Karachi
  • Young Food, Karachi
  • Ahmed Foods, Karachi
  • Naurus Limited, Karachi,
  • Mehran Masala, Karachi
  • Hilal candy, Karachi
  • Candyland, Hub, Karachi
  • Kraft Food, Hub
  • Asian Food, Lahore
  • B.P. Candy , Karachi
  • Kisan Ghee, Karachi, Faisal abad
  • Mezan Ghee, Karachi
  • Sufi Oil, Faisalabad
  • Igloo Ice cream, Karachi
  • Dawn Bread, Karachi
  • Mitchel , Renal Khurd Punjab
  • Peki cakes, Karachi
  • PK Foods, Karachi
  • Laziza, karachi
  • Rooh Afza, Karachi
  • Maza Juice, Thatta
  • Frooto Juices, Karachi
  • PIA Kitchen, Karachi
  • Lal Qila restaurant, Karachi