Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ice Cream Syrup آئس کریم سیرپ

Ice Cream Syrup is a green coloured syrup of Ice Cream flavour. A Pakistani Company Quice Food Industry Brand Ice Cream Syrup is the only brand which got popularity. Other companies also introduced their brands but can not survive in market against Quice Ice Cream Syrup.
You Can make this syrup at your home very easily.

  • Sugar 1kg
  • Tatri 1 pinch
  • Rose water 1 cup
  • Ice cream flavour  few drops
  • Green Food colour 1 small pinch
  • In a pan add sugar, citric acid  and rose water.
  • Cook on medium flame till boil, after few boils a clear syrup with obtained.
  • Cool then add colour and flavour. Mix well.
  • Ice Cream Syrup is ready.
  • Take 3 teaspoon of this prepared syrup in a glass add ice chilled water and enjoy.