Monday, August 8, 2011

Home Made Coconut Milk and Coconut Cream کوکونٹ ملک اور کریم

Home Made Coconut Milk and Coconut Cream

Coconut Milk and Coconut Cream is used in many dishes, but it is hard to find in store in countries like Pakistan, you can prepare it from fresh coconut which is available on road side vendors every where in Pakistan.

Coconut Milk after filtration

Coconut Milk after blending/crushing but before filtration

Fresh Coconut Flakes

Fresh Coconut with Coconut Water

Fresh Coconut Kernel


  • Fresh Coconut  1
  • Hot water 1 cup

Procedure For Coconut Milk:

  • Open the Fresh whole Coconut Kernel with the help of a knife, Take out water and Keep aside.
  • Now Remove Inner white flesh with the help of knife or grater or simply with the help of peeler.
  • Now Put obtained inner flesh and 1 cup hot water in an electric blender and blend for 2-3 minutes then add coconut water and blend for 1 minutes more.
  • Filter through muslin cloth , your Coconut Milk is obtained and ready to use.

Procedure For Coconut Cream:

  • Coconut Cream is very simple to prepare. When you prepared your Coconut milk, pour this in a tall glass or pot and leave it for 2-3 hour without shaking, it will separate into two layer, top layer is your cream. Remove it with the help of spoon and use it where needed.

Home Made Coconut Milk and Coconut Cream