Monday, May 30, 2011

Gola Ganda گولا گنڈا

Gola Ganda

Gola Ganda is a summer time treat, cool and colourful. Available at push cart vendors near schools and in markets. Enjoyed by Children and Women in Humid and Hot weather for cooooling effects.


  • Shaved Ice   as required
  • Red Colour syrup as required
  • Green Colour syrup as required
  • Orange colour syrup as required
  • Malai (condensed milk) as required
  • Straw (Hard ) or wooden sticks.


  • Take a mould fill it with shaved ice and press.
  • Insert straw and press.
  • Take out moulded gola ganda from its mould, Apply colourful syrup and malai.
  • Enjoy your Gola Ganda in sips.

  • Mood: cold