Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Gulkand / Gulqand /Rose Petal Spread گلقند

Gulkand is a well known herbal preparation. It is used as laxative with warm milk before retiring as well as cardiac refreshing medicine.  It is also used in Metha Pan. You can prepare it at your home very easily for a fine quality gulkand rather than buying a substandard quality from market.
Rose Petals and Sugar

  • Rose Petals  1/2 kg
  • Sugar  1/2 kg
  • Airtight pot/pan for storage and aging


  • Select freshly plucked roses.
  • Remove petals from stem/rose hip.
  • Wash under running water.
  • Then spread on paper to remove excess water.
  • Take petals in a pan, rub with hands.
  • Then add sugar and again rub with hands.
  • Now transfer into airtight pan/pot.
  • Store in a dark place for 10-15 days for aging.
  • Very fine quality Gulkand is ready.
  • Use as required