Monday, January 23, 2012

Home Made Orange Marmalade اورنج مارمیلڈ

Home Made Orange Marmalade

Orange Marmalde is a very delicious choice for your breakfast spread. It is full of vitamin C. You can made Orange marmalade at your home.  In Pakistan orange season starts from December and ends in February.
You can try my following simple recipe at home.

  • Oranges   4
  • Sugar same measure as orange pulp
  • Orange zest thinly sliced from 2 oranges
  • Lemon Juice from  1 lemon
  • Water  1 glass

  • Extract orange juice/pulp with the help of electric citrus press, remove seeds from the leftover material at top of sieve. Add this pulpy material to juice. measure its quantity.
  • Take the same quantity of sugar and add to juice/pulp.
  • Take  orange juice/pulp and sugar in a heavy bottom pan, add lemon juice and water.
  • Cook on medium flame till  thick with constant stirring.
  • Delicious and Citrus Home Made Orange Marmalde is ready.
  • Fill in neat and dry bottle while hot. Consume as desired.
  • It is free from artificial  colouring and flavours.

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