Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Double Ka Meetha (Hyderabadi Treat) حیدر آبادی ڈبل کا میٹھا

Double Ka Meetha  is a sweet treat from Hydeabad Deccan.  Many friends of mine  Ahmed Rao, Tariq Rahim (Chacha Piyaray), Zaki uddin Qureshi (bubban) were my Class fellows at Karachi University  Applied Chemistry belong to Hyderabadi community of Karachi. Dedicate goes to my these friends for this recipe. Today we are celebrating our Independence Day.  

Pakistan Zindabad
Happy Independence Day
 حیدر آبادی ڈبل کا میٹھا

  • Bread Slices    8-12 nos.
  • Oil for fry
  • Milk full cream 1 litre 
  • Khoya  50g
  • Sugar 1 cup

  • Almonds  sliced  25 nos.
  • Pistachio chopped    25 nos.
  • Raisin   1 tablespoon
  • Cardamom green seeds  1/4 teaspoon
  • Kajoo   15 nos.
  • Saffron 10-15 threads
  • Kewra Essence few drops
  • Silver foils to decorate

  • Prepared bread slices by trimming sides, and cutting into desired shape.
  • Then fry bread slices in oil till golden.  Keep aside.
  • Now boil milk , adding saffron, cardamom seeds, kewra and sugar.
  • Now arrange fried bread slices in a platter, pour over hot milk.
  • Sprinkle and decorate with almonds, pistachio, raisin, kajoo, khoya and silver foil.
  • Mouth watering and eye appealing Double Ka Meetha is ready.
  • Cool and Serve.