Sunday, February 17, 2013

Formulation of Potassium Chloride 20 mEq K Powder for Oral Solution

Nowadays quick release Potassium Syrup K-Lyte is not available in Pakistan, peoples like me suffering from hypokalemic periodic paralysis suffers a lot. We need twice or trice 2 teaspoon daily to move and work.

 I and many patients living in Karachi are going to Aga Khan Hospital pharmacy or Kausar Medicos to buy this medicine. Aga Khan only provides Syrup for 7 days, 1 day booking next day delivery basis. Patients and their family members travel 4 days a week to book and get medicine.  I  talked to Aga Khan pharmacy to give this syrup atleast for 1 month, but they replied that we can not prepare this syrup more than 15 days expiry.  I asked them to develop a powder form or increase the shelf life of syrup  by adding some suitable preservative. They replied that at present we have no such plan or formulation. Keeping this in my mind , as a Food Technologist and Applied Chemist, I started working on 20 mEq Potassium powder for oral solution, Alhamdo lillah I finally achieved the goal.  Here is my formulation based on Potassium Chloride giving 20 mEq of Potassium in pleasant orange flavored powder when dissolved in water.

Commercial Formulation and Manufacturing Process (simplified):

Formulation For 100 kg Batch:

Potassium Chloride , powder                              86.000 kg
Malic Acid anhydrous, powder                           12.200 kg
Food Colour SSY (E-110)                                   00.050  kg
Orange Flavour, powder                                       1.000   kg
Aspartame, artificial sweetner, powder                0.250 kg
Amorphous Silicone Dioxide, powder                  0.500 kg

Flavour , Colour , Artificial sweetener's quantities are adjustable according to brand and quality used.
Potassium Chloride quantity will remains same. Malic acid is adjustable to made full 100 kg accordingly.

Manufacturing Process:
Mix together amorphous silicone dioxide and flavour powder, then add colour and 2 kg potassium chloride and mix well. Add malic acid and potassium chloride in portion while mixing till all malic acid and Potassium Chloride are consumed.

 1.75 g Sachet
This Sachet will give 20 mEq of K (Potassium)

How Consume:  Dissolve 1 Sachet in 1/2 to 3/4 glass of water.

Warning: This product is only for patients suffering from Potassium depletion, not for general use. Dose and duration depends upon doctor's prescription.