Sunday, February 9, 2014

Churi/Choori/Choori Kay Laddu چُوری / چُوری کے لڈّو

Choori Kay Laddu is a very traditional and mouth watering Childhood sweetmeat of villages of Punjab.  Every old or young remembers his childhood and his/her mother when he listen Choori name. He wants to eat at the age of 80 too. Mian Mithou Choori Khani Aey (Oh  my loving parrot do you like to eat choori )   .

 میاں مٹّھو چُوری کھانی ا ے

It is very very easy and simple ingredients to make choori.

  • Prepared/baked Roti  2
  • Desi Ghee/Butter     2-3 tablespoon (25-40 g)
  • Sugar 2 tablespoon

  • Make very small pieces of roti.
  • Add melted desi ghee/butter.
  • Also add sugar.
  • Start rubbing against palms and fingers for 10-15 minutes or till material is easily converted into 1 inch diameter balls (laddu).
  • Delicious Churi/Choori  is ready.
  • Make Laddu for your Toddlers if desired.