Saturday, February 7, 2015

Café crème / Cream Coffee کریم کافی / ملائی کافی

Cream Coffee is a very very tasty and heart warming coffee.  I enjoy this in cool winter night. When I was working at Ahmed Food , Mr Kamran Nadeem liked it very much and asked me to arrange this coffee for his wedding guest around 2000 in numbers. I fulfill his wish and made it in production of Ahmed Foods Main Factory and delivered it on his wedding dinner. He was very thankful.

Let Enjoy this winter, tonight is heavy snowfall in Muree and in Quetta.

Café crème

  • Milk full cream   1 cup
  • Instant Coffee    1 teaspoon
  • Sugar  1 teaspoon
  • Cream 1-2 tablespoon


  • Heat milk in a pan.
  • Add sugar and coffee and again heat to boil.
  • After 2-3 boil add cream and boil again for 2-3 boils.
  • Pour in coffee mug/cup and serve.
  • Enjoy.