Thursday, November 24, 2011

An Interview With Sanfaz Spices CEO

I worked for Pakistan's top Food and Spice Industries, Like National Foods Ltd, Unilever Pakistan Ltd ( Brooke Bond Pakistan Ltd)  , Ahmed Food Industries , Naurus Pakistan Limited.

One day I recieved a telephone call  from my Ex Boss Mr Aziz Karachiwala (Director Finanace at Brooke Bond) asking me Irshad do you want to work abroad in Sharjah or Dubai. I replied in negative, the reason was, I want to stay in Pakistan for my parents and my family. It was 1995. After 1 years , he again asked me there is a chance for me to establish a spices and food unit at export processing Karachi for a Dubai based group. He advised me to accept this challeng as they wants to introduce a new brand. After discussuin with my wife who is also have 6 years experience at National Food Ltd as a Micobiologist , and working on McCormick  products processed at National Foods. I dicided to accept this challeng.
 It was 1996 when Management of Sanfaz Mersi Food Industries hand over a vast plot, with bushes grown all around,  to me for their future Spice and Foods Factory. Alhamdo lillah within 2 years Factory was ready to produce Sanfaz brand spices and food products, which is now a fimiliar brand in Middle East. More Than 100 products are now in Market, ranging from Straight Spices, Spice Mixes (Pakistani, Indian, Arabian), Pickles, Custards, Dessert Mixes.
Sanfaz Mersi Food Industry Head Office is in Dubai. Mr. Saleem Abdullah is the CEO. Recently he visited Karachi Factory. I asked him to share some of his bussiness detail for my blog, he agreed and given me two hours on 24-11-2011. I asked him several questions which are given below.

Q. When did you started food business ?
A. We are in Food Business since 1989. For this purpose we  established a Trading House in Dubai.

Sanfaz Mersi Food Industires Factory
Q. Which kind of food products you were marketing?
A.  We were importing various products from various countries and marketing in UAE market . Spices from Brooke Bond Pakistan, Almonds from USA, Tamarind, Pulses and Tinned food from Thiland, Beans and Pulses from Canada.

Q. When did you decided to establish your own brand?
A.  When Unilever Pakistan take over Brooke Bond Pakistan and decided to shutdown spice unit. We were their distributor for UAE. At this stage our family decided to eastablish our own brand for spices and foods products.

Sanfaz Food Products
Q. In how many countries your products are available and what is your rank?
A. Alhamdo lillah our products are now available in UAE, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwat, Canada, Singapore, Bangladesh. For all these countries we have appoited distributors and contaners from Karachi factory directly shipped to respective country. Whole seller from Russia, Zanjibar, Tanzania, Nairobi and Yemen are getting our products from Dubai. We are number 1 in Kuwait, UAE and in Iraq and trying our best to get number 1 position in Saudi arabian market also.

Sanfaz Micrbiology an Entomology Laboratory

Sanfaz Chemical and Physical Laboratory

Q. What are your future plans?
A. In future Insha allah we will establish a separate factory for Pakistani Spice and Food Market in tariff area of Karachi. We will also planning to market new product range like Jam, Jellies, Ketchups, Syrups, Dry Mix Drinks.

Q. Any message to your consumers?
A. We will never compromize on quality of our products and trying to fullfil all FDA regulation for our valuable consumers.

Sanfaz TV commercial